Do we go stir-crazy during monsoon? A little! There was a week where the girls made “friends” with Salmon the Slug who was on our window and I was like … oh dear we need to get out of the house. But kids LOVE being in motion and we’ve found some ways to make it happen!

Here are some gross motor things we do at home: 

trampoline (I think ours is 50 inches)

– A big bouncy yoga ball

Sit n Spin … yup like the one from my childhood!

– Pillow fights / rough housing 

– Taking a bath in a small kiddie pool (when in doubt, add water + bubbles and kids are happy!)

– Yoga (basically I do yoga and the kids kinda copy me/ drive me crazy)

– My friend has a great swing from Ikea hanging from her living room ceiling, kids love it

– Scooter … Rumi is back and forth on the scooter in our (small) house ALL DAY LONG. We only use it inside so it doesn’t get dirty and gross.  

– Swing car … Leela is back & forth on the swing car ALL DAY LONG. Drives us all crazy but I do think it builds some core strength. Best birthday gift ever.

-Dance parties!!! And “hide & seek” kinda keeps us running around too.

You can find more by googling “gross motor activities indoor” or “sensory play indoor.”