This question has been coming up a lot lately!  I keep whatsapping my friends pics of the fish oil and elderberry syrup we like from the US!  If you are going to the US this summer and are able to pick up some goodies, here are some of my favorites for keeping my kids healthy, in no particular order:

SmartyPants vitamins – a great potty training bribery tool

Barlean’s Fish oil – we love this stuff so much

Kids probiotics – I would stock up on for sure … you can rotate brands

Elderberry for boosting immunity – you can get elderberry in liquid form too

Florastor kids is great for the gut

Boiron’s Chestal children’s cough syrup – this is really nice as a soothing homeopathic cough syrup

Zarbees cough syrup – they don’t make em like this in India! ** business idea! **

Lemon flavored cod liver oil – kid approved in my house

And I’d probably grab some Tom’s of Maine toothpaste and sunscreen too!

Happy, healthy travels!