Hello everyone,

Leela is age 3.5 and in a flash of inspiration I started reading chapter books with her.  It all started when I got Pippi Longstocking as a gift for a friend but she made it her own. She only liked when I read the pages with pictures though, so that made it choppy!

Here are the beginning reader chapter books that we are liking.  Since we live in Mumbai and even going somewhere “5 minutes away” takes 20 minutes in the car, I’ve started bringing a book with us in the car and I read out loud. You can click the images below to see the books on Amazon. Enjoy!!

Frog and Toad Are Friends – sweet story

Uncle Elephant – she liked a lot

Magic Tree House – our favorite! lots of pics and very cool story

Little Bear – I remember from my childhood!

Ramona the Pest – I think she’s too young for this one yet