Eureka!  I found a magic trick to get my kids to eat more veggies.  It is SUPER SIMPLE.  You can start doing this TODAY.

All you have to do is put some veggies in front of your kid while you’re getting the rest of their dinner ready.  Pretend you are serving a 2-course meal (so fancy!).  Serve them the healthiest option FIRST.

For example, this week we made broccoli soup.  They were a little skeptical but willing to try and had a few bites along with the rest of dinner.

Then the next day, I served the same soup again but I put it in front of them before the rest of the meal.  Went to the kitchen to get the rest of their meal, and lingered a bit.  When kids first sit down to eat, they are the most hungry. Capitalize on those moments!  While I was in the kitchen serving the rest of their dinner, the girls finished their broccoli soup!  Leela called it “delish-ish” and asked for seconds. I was a proud and happy mama.

All week long I’ve been doing this trick – even if I’m just putting some cucumber or avocado in front of them while they are waiting for the rest of the meal. I’m teaching them patience and loading them up with healthy foods instead of roti  … win win 🙂

This tip was inspired by Bringing up Bebe which has a really nice section on helping your kids to expand their palette and eat a huge variety of veggies — and cheese — like French kids do!

Please try it and tell me how it goes!