I decided when I had kids that we’re going to be a very straightforward, non-awkward family and that I would start their sexual education early in an age-appropriate way.  I attended a talk called “Right from the Start: Talking to your Kids about Sexuality from Birth & Beyond” when I was still pregnant, that’s how committed I was!  That course emphasized to use the proper name of body parts from the birth. And from age 3 to talk about the concept of private parts and to read age appropriate books.

Some of the books that were recommended and that we loved with Leela and will start reading with Rumi are:

This also covers the “where do babies come from” question in a very age-appropriate way. Age 3-7.

This one features an interracial family and lots of lovely diverse illustrations … love it so much! Age 2-6. She has books for older kids that are supposed to be great too (It’s Not the Stork, It’s So Amazing, and It’s Perfectly Normal.)

All about teaching personal boundaries and consent – important! Age 2-9.

Unfortunately we live in a world where I also have to protect my 2 girls from molestation and worse. This book is for age 4-8 and felt too heavy for my almost 4-year-old.  I’ll try it with her in a few months.  It covers concepts of private parts, unsafe touch, having a safety network, and not keeping secrets.

Hope this is helpful!

PS All the book images above are linked to amazon india.