I have endless complaints about my hair since moving to India. It is dry, dull, lifeless, the texture has totally changed. I blame the pollution, the harsh elements, the humidity from living by the sea.  It only looks nice when I get a professional blow out.  I’ve used coconut oil, a fancy mask from Forest Essentials, pricy Kerastase serums.

Until this week, I got a homemade hair oil from Nabeela in my moms group.  It is coconut oil infused with curry leaves and sundried amla. It smells soo good!  She said to use it twice a week and I immediately wrote her to ask if I can use it more often.  She said I can if my hair is dry – CHECK!  Last night I couldn’t wait to use it before bed. After 2 days of using the oil I can’t stop touching my hair because it feels so much softer.

Just want to share for friends in Mumbai because this has given me HOPE for my hair!  I won’t put her phone number here but please let me know if you want to be connected to Nabeela.