In my 20s, I struggled with food and weight.
In my 30s, I said – enough!
But it wasn’t so simple as wanting to make peace with myself.
I had a lot to learn.
I studied holistic health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC.
I worked with a top functional medicine doctor in NYC, Dr. Frank Lipman.
I learned about balanced blood sugar, digestion, adrenal fatigue, thyroid imbalance, the causes of cravings.

I gained a lot of book knowledge.

And yet I still had my sweet tooth, my binges, my extra weight.


I wanted ease, grace, to eat and feel satisfied, to easily maintain a healthy weight.
To set a good example of healthy eating for the kids that I wanted to have someday.

My greatest blessing, was that I didn’t give up. I had two babies. And all that I learned about holistic health and gentle cleansing has created a miracle:

I found my way, into feeling EASE in my body.

A healthy weight after babies and a body that I love. I know what to eat. I eat the ‘right’ portions. I know how to indulge without going overboard. I like getting dressed up for a night out. Confidence, ease, juicy self care.

Some nutritionists make it look easy. They are perfectly trim and their instagram photos have lots of bright colors and white space. Bless them!

But I’m not here to gloss over real life. These are some of the real-life challenges that come up for me and my clients:

Early mornings with kids, the temptation to use convenient foods, old habits, subtle pressure from family to eat a certain way, busy schedules, eating on-the-go, holidays and all the sweets and indulgences, not wanting to offend hosts with diet restrictions, eating out, not wanting to feel high maintenance, not wanting to be hungry all the time, travel schedules.

You know, life!!

I’m not perfect. I love coffee. Chocolate. A glass of wine.

That’s what clients feel is my special sauce, my superpower. I’m honest, and I get what you’re going through and I don’t want you to feel nourished, not deprived.

With two babies and a move from New York to India, I am protective of my energy. And I’ve figured out a way to eat that helps boost my energy, and maintain a healthy weight. I have a protocol for 2 weeks of very clean eating and digestive support that acts as a “reset” for your habits.

THIS GROUP CLEANSE IS SO MUCH MORE THAN A “DIET.”  (I never use that word.) This is a circle of women coming together for healing and transformation. We moan, groan, laugh and cheer each other on. The worst type of change feels harsh and ragged. Together we create an experience that is nurturing, supportive and loving. A warm cup of tea, a cozy blanket, time with a dear friend. That is how we feel in the circle as we change our lives for the better.

Success to me feels like seeing a number on the scale you haven’t seen in a long while, after ages of feeling stuck, and so much more…

It feels like smooth digestion, and relief from bloating and puffiness.

Exhaustion lifting and giving way to sweet energy and mental clarity.

It’s getting compliments on your clear, glowing skin.

Noticing the aches and pains are gone and you just had the best night of restful sleep.

Slowing down, practicing self care… maybe a pedicure instead of chai and a muffin.

It feels like trying new recipes and loving them.

Noticing you haven’t touched wheat or sugar in two weeks and being amazed at how easy it was and how good you’re feeling.

And the confidence that comes from seeing that you CAN change.

“I am obsessed

with becoming

a woman

comfortable in her skin.”

– Sandra Cisneros 

Success is not needing to step on a scale all the time because I know that I look and feel good. It’s enjoying shopping after so many years of disliking being in a fitting room. It’s putting on an outfit and loving how I look. Leaving the house for a party or to meet my husband for dinner, feeling confident and sexy. It’s a way of walking through the world with ease and grace.

For me, success is not “perfect” eating at every moment of the day. It’s a big shift in some bad habits that crept in when I got stressed about moving across the world with 2 babies: grabbing quick snacks rather than sitting for a proper meal, never feeling satisfied, eating in front of the fridge late at night. It’s nurturing myself during the day, feeling satisfied after meals, having a warm cup of Sleep tea before bed instead of hundreds of calories of snacks.

MY INVITATION TO YOU is to join our circle, and join our 14-day Transformation Cleanse. Lighten up with us.

A summary of the protocol we use is as follows:

Upon waking: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt, probiotics. Greens powder or green juice.

Breakfast: with enzymes

30 mins before lunch: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Lunch: with enzymes

30 mins before snack: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Snack (optional): with liver support tea

30 mins before dinner: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Dinner: with enzymes

At bedtime: 2 tablets of digestive support formula

Who is this for?  The women who join our Cleanse are feeling stuck, stagnant. What used to work is not working anymore. Some have had babies, their bodies have changed. Some are too busy with work to get a handle on healthy eating. Some are curious about new ways of eating but need a guide. All are willing to trust the process, to try new recipes and ingredients. To let go of that stagnant energy and delight in something new. All KNOW for sure that they can feel better. And all are relieved to get a very specific meal plan with recipes so they know exactly what to eat and when.

We start on Monday, February 12. This group will be kept small with a maximum of 10-15 participants, so you will be closely supported.


Register by: February 5

Order your supplements: February 5 to 12

Start on: February 12

Finish: February 25

*Please speak to your doctor before starting any new health program.


  1. You will pay me 3000 inr. You will get your meal plan, recipes, be added to our private facebook group and get your list of supplements. Email me now to arrange for Paypal or bank transfer.
  2. You will purchase the supplements yourself. Cost of supplements will be total approx. 3600 inr. You’ll order online (Amazon, etc) and may be able to pick some up at FabIndia or Nature’s Basket.

Please note – you will have to cook and try new recipes! They are simple clean eating recipes but will be new for you.

My goal is for you to enjoy the confidence boost of eating clean foods and sticking to a whole foods meal plan, to release weight and experience more energy to enjoy your life! No strenuous exercise during the cleanse.

Yes, there are opportunities for private nutrition consultations for participants in the Cleanse.  Details here.

I look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

Email me at if you want to join us!

Kerry Bajaj

Certified Health Coach, AADP

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Columbia University

P.S. Some testimonials:  

“Thanks for the motivation Kerry:) am loving my salads & enjoying prepping & having them equally. ”

“am getting so hooked on to this – not sure i would be able to eat my regular roti sabzi after the two weeks end. i feel less bloated at the end of the day.”

“This Zucchini Cashew soup is delicious!!!”  

“I am happy to report my emotional eating is gradually getting under control with me being a bit more organised with healthy snacks kept ready at hand. Also the cravings ( especially chocolate) seem to have reduced.”

“i weighed myself today am, have lost 1.5 kgs . and overall feel fuller through the day and also cravings for snacks has reduced.” (*note this weight loss was after 1 week!)