Work With Me

If too much sugar, wine, bread, chocolate, etc is dragging you down and messing up your mojo, you’ve come to the right place! Our 14-day cleanse will change your life. A meal plan, recipes, supplements to support digestion, help with portions and tons of support from a health coach and other women seeking transformation. The desire to feel better is the ONLY requirement. Apply for the upcoming challenge here.


I’m thrilled to now be offering private coaching sessions for clients in India.  These are held over the phone or can be in person if you’re in Mumbai. Please learn more about private coaching here.

I'm thrilled to offer my signature corporate talk on "Eating for Energy" here in India.  I have presented this talk to Ralph Lauren and Bank of America in New York City, and now have adapted the material for life in India. The essence remains the same - we cover the food/ mood connection, foods that will provide uplifting energy, the foods to avoid that will drain energy, working with circadian rhythms, and more. We address small changes you can make to your daily diet and habits, and always provide an opportunity for Q&A.