Team Hustle + Heart

After having my first baby, going back to work was an incredibly humbling experience! It was SO much tougher than I ever imagined. The commute, pumping, never seeing the baby, rushing all the time. I was stressed and shrill, and my husband and I took a long, hard look at the whole setup.

Around the same time, I started using Beachbody programs (T25) and drinking Shakeology to help lose my baby weight. A lightbulb went off and I went all-in to Beachbody coaching.

The next plot twist was that we moved to India! I pinch myself every single day that even with 2 young girls, I am able to do work that is challenging, rewarding, and all about transformation – and has such a positive impact on my family.

Over the past 2 years, I have been through so many life changes. Between having 2 babies, moving to India, helping my husband when he launched a book. I’ve done my coaching part-time through pregnancy, newborn cluster-feeding madness, moving across the world. Now that I’m settled in India, I’m growing this business, while I still get to drop the girls off at school in the morning, and take my toddler for swim classes in the afternoon. I LOVE this job-that-doesn’t-feel-like-a-job and love growing our team of leaders!


Here are 2 calls that I’ve hosted about coaching with Beachbody. Shoot me an email if you’d like the recordings! Both are about 30 minutes long.