Mama, I’d love to help you get your sugar under control, lose the cravings, and shed the weight with ease.

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Hi, I’m Kerry Bajaj, a certified health coach and Beachbody coach.

As a mama with a huge sweet tooth and a toddler and a newborn, I hit my ‘rock bottom’ one bleary exhausted morning. With my energy in the toilet, I was feeling like the weakest link in my family. On top of that, my clothes weren’t fitting and I wanted more ease in my body.

Getting a handle on sugar was the ONE thing that could change everything.

So, what did I do? Well, first I admitted that I DREADED it, and worked on creating a whole new MINDSET around sugar.

After having two babies in two years, the sleep deprivation and stress sent me on a spiral of sugar and caffeine. I loved my treats, but got to the point where I suspected the sugar was making me feel more exhausted, irritated, out of control, guilty, heavy and all-around icky. I decided that sugar was the ONE thing that could change EVERYTHING. So, I created programs to help quit sugar without dreading to stop the sweets!
Mama friends! If sugar is dragging you down and messing up your mojo, you’ve come to the right place! Our 21-day challenge will change your life. A firm Monday to Friday boundary with sugar, 30 minute workouts, superfood Shakeology, meal plans, help with portions and tons of support from a health coach (me!) and other moms who want to feel good BEFORE the kids leave for college. Baby steps are cool. The desire to feel better is the ONLY requirement. Apply for the upcoming challenge here.
Want to learn about the Hustle + Heart tribe of coaches? My coaching business has given me a fantastic outlet for my ambition, my passion, and lots of flexibility which has been a huge blessing after having my girls. Listen to me chat with my friend Joy about why we started coaching and how it has changed our lives.

Some people benefit from making small changes, while others want to do a complete nutrition overhaul and feel encouraging results quickly. The 3-Day Reset program and the Ultimate Reset (21 days) give you that opportunity. I can guide you through these programs and connect you with a supportive community during your cleanse.

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