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Hi, I’m Kerry Bajaj, a nutrition coach trained at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York City. I worked alongside the amazing functional medicine doctor, Dr. Frank Lipman in NYC for 5 years before moving to Mumbai with my husband and 2 young daughters.

My work centers around helping women reclaim their radiance … energy, ease, confidence, good digestion, and healthy weight.


When we moved from NYC to Mumbai, I had so much to learn about the food culture here in India, and lots of detective work to find the best sources of healthy food. After a year in India, I had started eating lots of sweets, and snacking on my kids’ food too much, rather than eating proper meals. I designed a gentle 14-day Cleanse program to get myself back on track. The protocol is inspired by the one we used in my functional medicine practice in New York, but adapted and modified for India. This cleanse had a profound impact on me, and now it is proving to be very popular with clients here in India. I’m so thrilled to guide people through the cleanse and help them reclaim energy, radiance, better digestion and healthy weight loss.

If too much sugar, wine, bread, chocolate, etc is dragging you down and messing up your mojo, you’ve come to the right place! Our 14-day cleanse will change your life. A meal plan, recipes, supplements to support digestion, help with portions and tons of support from a health coach and other women seeking transformation. The desire to feel better is the ONLY requirement. Apply for the upcoming challenge here.

I’m thrilled to now be offering private coaching sessions for clients in India.  These are held over the phone or can be in person if you’re in Mumbai. Please learn more about private coaching here.

Some people benefit from making small changes, while others want to do a complete nutrition overhaul and feel encouraging results quickly. The 14-day Transformation Cleanse gives you that opportunity. I can guide you through this program and connect you with a supportive community during your cleanse.

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The Transformation Cleanse Starts March 5

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