Meet Kerry

Hi, I’m Kerry, a certified health coach and Beachbody coach. After having a c-section with my first baby in 2014, my nutrition and exercise fell apart, and I was thoroughly bummed and embarrassed to buy a new wardrobe in a larger size to go back to work. That’s when I discovered the Beachbody fitness programs which have changed my life by allowing me to squeeze in a quick workout at home.

After having my second baby in 2016, the sleep deprivation and stress of having two young kids sent me on a spiral of sugar and caffeine. Since I have a toddler I was literally sneaking cookies and Ferrero Rocher chocolates while she was napping or the moment I left the house. As a health coach, of course I felt like a huge hypocrite for eating sweets morning, noon and night.

Here was the problem – I had access to great workouts. I know everything about healthy eating. BUT I knew that even if I was working out and eating my kale salads, I’d never lose the weight if I kept sneaking all my sweet treats. Between the guilt, cravings and none of my pants fitting, cutting sugar seemed to be the solution. Even though I dreaded it!

When I finally buckled down and cut out the sugar, I committed to doing it from Monday to Friday. I created the support group that was exactly what I needed, so that I could have buddies cheering me on and keeping me accountable. I literally wouldn’t have lasted a single day without my group of buddies. Getting sugar under control has unlocked ease with my cravings and weight that I never dreamed of. My pants are no longer stabbing into my waist. They fit! I realized that trying to get healthy while eating sugar is like trying to drive with the emergency brake on – slow and frustrating! It’s a scary leap to take, and trust me, I hesitated a lot, but it makes things 1000x easier.

My coaching is all about helping busy moms quit sugar and get fit. We address the mindset, motivation, emotional, physical, and social aspects of doing this. As someone with a ridiculous sweet tooth of my own, I do NOT tell you to eat 4 ounces of salmon and 6 asparagus spears and send you on your way. This is a journey, and I make it realistic, do-able and fun. (By the way, I’ve gotten my results of losing my 15 pounds of baby weight and multiple pant sizes from 30 minute workouts and quitting sugar Monday to Friday only, an approach that works for many of the women that I coach. Like I said – we make this do-able.)

There’s a foundation of self-love and self-care at the core of my programs. In my personal journey, as I’ve simplified my routine, lost weight, gotten comfortable in my body and reclaimed my energy, my focus has evolved. I’m no longer trying to lose weight, but to be energetic and present for my children and husband, and to be a powerful force of change in this world. This is my deepest wish for all of my clients as well.

I’m a graduate of Georgetown University and the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and am certified by Columbia University Teachers College in holistic health. I have been mentored in functional medicine under Dr. Frank Lipman from 2010 to 2015. I’ve run 4 marathons, I’m a certified yoga teacher, and I’m currently living in Mumbai, India with my husband and our two daughters.

Thank you for being here, and I look forward to being on this journey with you!

Lots of love,