As a holistic baby sleep practitioner, I love helping babies and their families to sleep better! My kids have been sleeping from 7 to 7 since they were babies, and now at age 3 and 5 are still happy sleepers. My sleep clients have called me a “magician,” “a genie with the rescue plan,” and told me “I love being a mom thanks to you.”

Sleep is an important biological requirement. Baby’s brains need adequate sleep for healthy brain development, mood, growth and optimal wakefulness. And of course, parents need sleep to feel and be our best, too! Long-term sleep deprivation makes us feel despair. Good sleep is restorative and creates harmony in the household. All too often I hear parents saying, “it’s just a phase, she’ll grow out of it,” and I want to shout “No! Please don’t suffer. You can improve her sleep now!”

Here’s how we can work together:

Sleep Baby Sleep Program
(Age 4 months +)

Sleep changes don’t happen overnight! 
Our journey together has two phases:

Week 1, Foundations:  

  • You fill out a detailed questionnaire about your baby’s sleep environment, habits, schedule, family setup, parenting values, your goals for our work together, and more.
  • We’ll have a 60-minute call in which we’ll review the intake form together. I’ll help to identify the cause of your baby or child’s sleep challenges, educate you on the science of sleep as it relates to your baby’s sleep challenges, and create a gentle yet effective plan to improve your baby’s sleep. 
  • I will email you your Sleep Baby Sleep action plan after the call. This plan includes:
  1. creating a spa-like sleep environment to optimize your baby’s sleep
  2. setting a healthy daily routine of naps, optimal light exposure, feedings/ meals and age-appropriate bedtime
  3. exactly how to approach sleep training (if needed).
  • You will start right away on optimizing baby’s sleep environment and setting an age-appropriate routine for naps and night sleep.

Week 2, Sleep Training:  

  • Once the foundations are in place, it is possible to commence sleep training, which is the process of helping your baby or child learn to fall asleep at bedtime and connect sleep cycles during night wakings. You will have a clear understanding of: pros/ cons of different methods, how to make changes to your baby’s sleep routine with consistency, compassion and confidence, how to effectively handle your child’s protests, how to handle feedings during training. (Cry-it-out method is not required. There are many paths to the same goal. I see each family as a bit of a puzzle to solve together. We take into account your parenting style, goals, the baby’s age, baby’s temperament, the pace at which you want to make changes, etc.)
  • Support from me: A detailed plan on exactly how to approach sleep training. Email/ whatsapp support for 14 days. A 20-minute check-in phone call to make any changes or address problems/ troubleshoot. 

Week 3, Additional Support as Needed

I like to include a third week of support just so we don’t feel rushed.

Your investment: 7000 inr.  

If you have questions, please call me at 022-48970910 for a free 15 minute initial intake, where you can tell me what’s happening and I can answer questions about sleep consulting. To start right away, you can email me at, do the payment and I’ll send your intake form and we can schedule your call.

I’m honored to be part of your baby’s sleep journey! I promise to give the best of my knowledge, love and even tough love to support your sweet baby’s sleep.

Client Stories from the Happy Sleepers Club:

“Last night was amazing … I left her in her crib … she played with her lovey for like 3-4 minutes … hung out in silence and fell asleep. Thanks to her better nighttime rest … she’s become a much happier baby and more predictable through the day … I feel this is the best thing I’ve done for her so far as a mother.” – MB

“I’ve been meaning to send you a big big thank you message! I love being a mom thanks to you. ” – MB

“Kerry was of great help to me when I had sleep issues with my baby. She is very patient and tries to understand the core of the problem to give you solutions. You are a life saver for new mommies!” – PS

“Based on your suggestion for his schedule, I put him down for a nap 2 hours after waking up and it worked beautifully. He slept for 1.5 hours instead of the 1/2 hour he’d been sleeping all this time. I have a feeling you might be able to guide me on my way to peaceful sleep. I’m already feeling better with this new schedule you have suggested.” – IP

“Kerry really guided me wonderfully with my 2-year-old twins who took forever to put to bed. She is the best sleep trainer and will guide you.” – M