I went away last week to Leh Ladakh all by myself and had a lovely experience of solitude.

The internet was very very limited in Leh at the time.  I could squeeze out 1-2 emails to my husband but that was it.  Nothing fancy like facebook or reading the news.  And my phone didn’t work. At all. I didn’t get a single drop of phone service, data, anything.  I had to borrow a phone to let my husband know I was safe.

The benefits of this week of being disconnected were immense!  I read 6 books – SIX!  I could hear myself think.  I wrote in my journal.  I worked on a book project.  I made plans for the future.  I wasn’t irritable at all.

As a result, I made a plan for a digital detox upon my return to the connected city life.  Here’s everything I’ve done since returning home:

  • I actually found a feature to mute ALL the notifications on Whatsapp.  All of them.  I just check it periodically now, same as I do with email.  I also left a few groups that were cluttering up my life too much.
  • I got rid of the Instagram notifications on my phone.  Now I just pop over there when I feel like it, instead of chasing notifications.
  • I left a ton of Facebook groups, and turned off notifications for many others.  I like learning about obscure nutrition/ health topics in Facebook groups, but I had become inundated.
  • I deleted the Twitter app on my phone.  I used to waste time scrolling Twitter in the car.  Don’t miss it.
  • I want to unsubscribe from a ton of emails too.
  • I set up a strong “Do Not Disturb” system on my phone, so that my husband, nanny, driver, and school can all reach me.

This was a much needed re-set on a digital life that was too cluttered!  The goal is to keep reading books now that I’m home!!

Have you ever done a digital spring cleaning?  How did it feel?