Since I am new to India, I am often asked here about where I did my schooling and I how got into the holistic nutrition field.

In a nutshell:

  • I did my undergrad at Georgetown University in Washington, DC and my master’s degree in Writing and Publishing at Emerson College in Boston, MA.
  • I worked for Little, Brown (Time Warner Book Group, now Hachette Book Group) which is an amazing publisher. I read so many books!!  With this massive exposure to books, I discovered a passion for nutrition and health books in particular.  I also started running marathons at this time.
  • I moved from Boston to New York and was working full-time, but discovered a school called the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  In one of the most decisive moments of my life, I enrolled in their year-long program in holistic nutrition.  I was able to study on the nights and weekends while staying at my job.
  • After graduating from IIN, I took a job in their New York City office.  I was part of the team that launched their Distance Learning program, which meant that people didn’t have to physically come to New York to attend classes. I’ve met a few people in India who have completed the program which is really exciting for me!
  • Then I spent 5 years working for Dr. Frank Lipman, who is a wonderfully gifted healer and at the forefront of functional medicine in the US.  I saw patients alongside him and learned so much. I’ll always be grateful for his mentorship.
  • During those 5 years, I did a lot of continuing education. I would read whatever book Dr. Lipman recommended, went for conferences on functional medicine across the country, and completed the Holistic Nutrition Lab program with Andrea Nakayama.
  • Then I had 2 kids and moved to India! I’m now using everything I’ve learned to keep my family healthy, address our health problems in the most holistic way possible, and also to offer a Transformation Cleanse and private coaching here.

This line of work has given so many gifts to me and my family.  I’ve met the best people, found a community of health nuts, and learned so much to create health for me, my husband and our daughters. There are so many experiences that came from that initial decision to study holistic health.  I’ve run 4 marathons, sat in salt rooms, drink green juice and smoothies, had healthy pregnancies, lost baby weight, did yoga teacher’s training, learned the headstand, gotten acupuncture. Life has become a wonderful health journey.

If anyone has questions about nutrition school and beyond, I’m always happy to chat about it!