This post is for my friends here in India!  Hello and welcome!

I’m Kerry Bajaj, certified health coach. I have been supporting patients and clients through a gentle, effective Cleanse protocol since 2010, alongside a top holistic functional medicine doctor in New York City.

I have now modified the protocol for participants in India! Using an all-veg whole foods plant based meal plan and supplements and ingredients that we can get here. (It is possible to incorporate chicken/ fish but the meal plan I provide is veg.)

The goal for the 14 day program is to reboot your body’s natural detox system. Benefits may include:

  • Digestive support
  • Promotes healthy weight
  • Less bloating and puffiness
  • Increased energy and mental clarity
  • Clearer, healthier looking skin
  • Fewer aches and pains
  • More restful sleep
  • Fixing unhealthy eating habits
  • Learning delicious new recipes
  • Slowing down and practicing self care
  • Getting off of sugar
  • Confidence boost from newfound discipline with food

A summary of the protocol we use is as follows:

Upon waking: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt, probiotics. Greens powder or green juice.

Breakfast: with enzymes

30 mins before lunch: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Lunch: with enzymes

30 mins before snack: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Snack (optional): with liver support tea

30 mins before dinner: 12 oz water with pinch of Himalayan sea salt

Dinner: with enzymes

At bedtime: 2 tablets of digestive support formula


Option #1  – The Group Cleanse
You will pay me 3000 inr via the link below. You will get your meal plan, recipes, be added to our private facebook group and get your list of supplements. I provide support, tips and answer questions daily in the facebook group.

You will purchase the supplements yourself. Cost of supplements will be total approx. 3600 inr. You’ll order online (Amazon, etc) and may be able to pick some up at FabIndia or Nature’s Basket.

Group cleanse, 3000 inr 

Option #2  – The Cleanse with Private Coaching!  

There’s also an option to do the Cleanse with private coaching.  This means we will have a 30-minute call at the beginning of your cleanse to talk about your goals, a 15-minute call at the mid-way point to check in about your progress, and a 30-minute call at the end of your cleanse to talk about next steps and the way forward.  This is a great option if you’re sure that you want one-on-one coaching.  It’s also a good option if you want to do the cleanse on your own timing, apart from a group and want to make sure you have full support through the experience.  The cost is 6000 inr.

Cleanse with Private Coaching, 6000 inr

We start on Monday, April 30. This group will have a maximum of approx 10 participants, so you will be closely supported. We stay connected through a private Facebook group with the cleanse participants.


Register by: April 23.  You need a week to prep, trust me on this!

Order your supplements: April 23 to 30.

Start on: April 30

Finish: May 13

Please speak to your doctor before starting any new health program. Once you are sent the cleanse program, there are no refunds.

Please note – you will have to cook and try new recipes! They are simple clean eating recipes but will be new for you.

My goal is for you to enjoy the confidence boost of eating clean foods and sticking to a whole foods meal plan, to release weight and experience more energy to enjoy your life! No strenuous exercise during the cleanse.

I look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you.

Email me at with questions!

Kerry Bajaj

Certified Health Coach, AADP

Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Columbia University

What participants are saying:
“Thanks for the motivation Kerry:) am loving my salads & enjoying prepping & having them equally. ”

“am getting so hooked on to this – not sure i would be able to eat my regular roti sabzi after the two weeks end. i feel less bloated at the end of the day.”

“This Zucchini Cashew soup is delicious!!!”  

“thanks kerry, totally grateful to you for this 2-week cleanse. for me giving up wheat is the big one. i noticed how less bloated i was, how i could feel full without the rotis and how energetic i was feeling.”

“i learned that healthy can be yummy & sexy ” 

“it was a lovely experience and so nice to see how one can really cleanse one self.”

“I feel more in charge & responsible for my health & also loving my body more.”

“i weighed myself today am, have lost 1.5 kgs . and overall feel fuller through the day and also cravings for snacks has reduced.” (*note this weight loss was after 1 week!)

“I am happy to report my emotional eating is gradually getting under control with me being a bit more organised with healthy snacks kept ready at hand. Also the cravings ( especially chocolate) seem to have reduced.”

“1.5 kgs down.” – NB, after week one

“Mommies, highly recommend the 14 day Transformation Cleanse program by Kerry Bajaj. 7 days into it and I am feeling so much better! Have never felt hunger pangs on this program and am sleeping like a baby!” – SJ

“Tried the cleanse and really enjoyed the effects on my body! thanks Kerry Bajaj (also I never endorse anything I haven’t actually tried) I liked it so much I gifted it to my girlfriend for her birthday!” – CA

“I must say this cleanse is amazing. No cravings for sugar or wine. Went out a couple of times with friends and still managed to stay away. Also so much more energy in the second week and head feels a lot clearer- lighter.” – NL, after week one

“My sinuses have completely cleared, bloating in the stomach gone. I’m just feeling so light in my body. Loving it Kerry.” – RK, after week one

“For me, the big transformational change is that I physiologically & psychologically have shed food cravings. I eat dinner at 6pm with my daughter so often times I’m hungry again around 8.30-9, I have found myself opting quite naturally for fruit or carrot at that hour just to hit the spot before bedtime.” – RK, after week two

“Ditto for me. My cravings have vanished. Late night snacking , afternoon and between meals. It’s amazing that I don’t even feel like reaching out even if it’s in front of me. Another change is my skin. It’s never looked better.”

“Thank you Kerry! Superb experience! Down almost 3kgs. Planning to try and sustain this for as long as I can.” – NL

“I’m really happy I did this! Also lost 2.5 kgs! Thanks for this!” – RM

“Thanks Kerry Bajaj  The cleanse was amazing! I’m so proud of myself for sticking to it and completing the two weeks! Am also looking forward to incorporating some healthy eating habits into my regular diet. And I lost 3 kgs too! Love it!!” – CP

“Thanks Kerry for this plan. I have ended up losing 3 kgs and definitely a couple of inches. My office trousers are an indication of the same. I am definitely going to be off sugar, caffeine and wheat. I am not missing sugar at all.” – SG