Hi everyone,

I’ve been really lucky with my health (knock on wood) during this move to India.  Since I’ve traveled here for months at a time in the past, my system wasn’t shocked when we moved. I’ve only gotten severely sick once after eating fish, and since then I’ve avoided fish and been fine.

However, lately I’m having some minor issues like heartburn, which I’ve never had in my life except when pregnant. It got bad enough that I went to the gastro doctor and he wanted to do an endoscopy which I’d love to avoid.  I’ve also seen the ENT who wants me to take acid blockers (ie nexium), which I’m very skeptical of. And he wanted me to take antibiotics, which I’d also love to avoid.

With my background in functional medicine, I think about the 4 Rs of digestive health:

  • Remove pathogens, like bacteria, yeast, parasites
  • Replace stomach acid and digestive enzymes
  • Reinoculate the flora in the gut with prebiotics, probiotics and fermented foods
  • Repair, ie heal the lining of the gut through healing nutrition, glutamine, bone broth, omega 3s

It struck me that the Remove phase is probably where I need to focus.  I’ve used the Albendazole medication for deworming in the past, but this time around I decided to try this Black Walnut, Wormwood, Clove Extract from Now Foods. It’s a very potent, bitter tincture. For adults you are meant to finish the bottle in 2 weeks time, then take a break for 1 week, then have another bottle. Be sure to start slow, using just half a dropper for the first day or two and increase from there to having 2 droppers twice a day.

The amazon reviews are too funny about the vile taste – “it taste like a turd biscuit from a 2000 year old mummy.” And very intriguing about the results – “a party in your toilet” lol. People pass worms, but also talk about energy increasing, cravings for sugar going away, bloating going down, skin clearing up.

I have just started my 2 week treatment, I will keep you posted on how it goes!  Please remember I am not a doctor and you should talk to your doctor before starting any health regimen.  Also please note – wormwood is NOT for kids.