Right now we are drinking Sarda Farms milk, but we may be soon switching over to A2 milk.  These are some of the farms that have been recommended by moms in Mumbai. I’m at the beginning stages of researching  them, so please do your own checks!

  • Provilac based in Pune
  • Sunny Brooks Dairy has a farm in Karjat outside Mumbai
  • Somaiya Farms, so small I can’t find them on the internet! A small farm run by a trust so they don’t do marketing. Reach Patricia at +91 98203 41419
  • Native Milk can be delivered raw or semi-pasteurized
  • Vita Farms is in Padgha outside Mumbai
  • Shudh Sattva
  • Madhav Gir Cow Farm, my friend has been getting this for 2 years and pasteurizes it herself at home #supermom