I’ve been brainstorming about healthy-ish snacks for Rumi’s 2nd birthday party.  Here are some of the snack ideas I’m loving from Pinterest and beyond!

Drinking from fresh coconuts! Pretty cute, right? (Source)

My friend recently shared this “bagel with fruit” idea … but I think it could be colorful and cute (and tasty?) with rice cakes and a yogurt icing.  I’ll try it and report back!

Source: myfussyeater.com

I have 2 girls, so pink is EVERYTHING! I love this roasted beetroot hummus for it’s vibrant pop of color!

Source: minimalistbaker.com  

People are so creative I can’t stand it! These banana pops are really stinking cute!

Source: hellowonderful.com

And finally, we have … apple fruit donuts with a yogurt icing!

Source: hellowonderful.com