Karan has been doing a ton of business travel this year, mostly domestic flights within India, which are always late. I was recently at a party with his co-workers and several people commented to me about his ridiculous energy levels. I thought I’d share a few of the keys to staying healthy while traveling for business. I must admit – these are the tools he has developed, I can’t take credit for them!

1. Hydration is everything! Flying is so dehydrating. Drink a ton of water and herbal tea. He drinks several cups of chamomile tea on the flight and in hotel rooms.

2. Green juice! On the same theme of hydration, he drinks green juice daily at home and calls Raw Pressery to deliver to his hotel room when he travels to Delhi. (This idea I can take credit for!) They have made it so simple. Just a one minute phone call and they update the address and the green juice is flowing.

3. Avoid the airplane food. For shorter domestic flights, he skips the airplane food altogether. The quality is not great, and it leaves you neither here nor there in terms of fullness. Better to sip chamomile tea and eat at your destination. I recently got upgraded to biz class and noticed many people around me were doing the same.

4. Find a healthy room service meal.  Finding a healthy, light yet filling meal to order in the hotel is key. Instead of eating crappy food on the plane, you can just reach the hotel and order a nice warm veg kitchari. Hits the spot.

5. Maintain exercise. This is a mindset trick. If you’re traveling regularly for business, you can’t give up on exercise or use being busy as an excuse. Karan is very disciplined about fitting in exercise, but very flexible about the format. It might be swimming (at hotel), trainer (at home), or yoga or a video with weights (at home or hotel). He’s also flexible about morning or evening exercise. The combo of determination + flexibility is key.

6. Be realistic about your preferences. Karan would rather fly the night before an early meeting than wake up at the crack of dawn. I’m sure some people prefer the opposite. Work with your natural rhythms.

I hope these tips help you nurture and harness your vital energy wherever you may be!