This is such a vulnerable topic that I hesitate to write about it!  But it’s my latest health obsession and so important, so here goes.

In late 2013, I got pregnant with Leela.  I breastfeed her for a year, then got pregnant with Rumi. And then I breastfed her for 1.5 years, which brings us basically to late 2017. So 4 years of pregnancy and nursing, which I’m VERY grateful for.  But it takes a toll on the body — including the teeth and bones — to have these babies sucking all the nutrients out.

I now find myself with some receding gums which I’m VERY upset about.  It’s pretty minor but I’m so worried about it getting worse.  I’ve gone into almost manic research and make-a-plan mode. I won’t spell out the whole plan right now. But there’s a few things that have come up as universally beneficial which I’ll share.

The book that has been my guide is Cure Gum Disease Naturally by Ramiel Nagel. It’s based on the Weston A. Price principles. There’s also an associated facebook group that has been helpful.

  1. I got a Water Pik/ Water Flosser!  This is supposed to be a crucial tool for keeping your teeth clean and massaging the gums. It makes sense. You don’t want any food getting stuck in the nooks and crannies and causing more irritation. I’ve been using it for a short time and feel a big difference in how clean my teeth feel. I chose this OralCare model based on the good reviews.
  2. Gum recession means that you’re losing the bone from the jaw, which is the part that is so alarming.  To strengthen my bones, I’m increasing my dairy from milk, yogurt, kefir, grass-fed cheese, organic ghee. I also have a bone broth powder from the US that I’m adding to my smoothie and would be using grass-fed butter if I could find any. I’m taking vitamin D.  And I have discovered this formula called Osteoseal from Organic India that looks really nice for strengthening bones and teeth. I wish I had taken while breastfeeding.
  3. I’ve gone absolutely mad buying good toothpaste. I made my father-in-law bring me some from the US. I convinced the creator of Bliss Energetics toothpaste to start shipping to India 🙂  And I made an important discovery that will ship to India.  I ordered the TheraNeem tooth powder from them. It’s cost 360 rupees, shipping costs were minimal, and when it arrived I had to pay 1400 rs of customs duties (I had 2 other things inside the box, but it was very light). Pricey, not a very sustainable solution, but good to know for friends in India that if there are any supplements from the US that you REALLY want to get here in India that is an option.
  4. I stopped using my Listerine mouthwash and I’m rinsing with saltwater instead.
  5. I’m drinking a lot of water!

Yes there’s MORE that I’m doing but that’s all I’ll share for now!  Please note – I’m not a doctor or a dentist. Please do your own research and consult with your doctor before making any changes to your health program.

Oh also fun fact, did you know that a piece of good quality cheese (we’re getting the Kerrygold cheddar) after a meal is actually very cleansing for the teeth? Or apple. I am trying to implement with my kids.

Wishing you happy health and healing!