Happy new year!

Since we came back a little early from the US, I kept very quiet and let myself rest and stay in a liminal space between the US and India.  I didn’t write down resolutions but I had a few areas of life that were bugging me and weighing me down. Here are some projects I tackled during my hazy week of jet lag.

  1. Cleared up clutter in the bathroom. I have a bit of a toiletry problem, I acquire way too many lotions and potions… and I seriously have 5 different tubes of sunscreen. I threw old things out, simplified, found better ways to store things, and gave my husband an actual shelf. Felt really good. Now I have a “one in, one out” rule for my makeup and toiletry collection and it’s sparking a lot of joy!!
  2. Cleared out the closet.  This was quite a project because I not only have clothes, but I also have paperwork and electronics and whatnot in my closet.  I donated some clothes that are ill-fitting or worn out or not right for the climate.  I cleared out about 25 extra hangers (why so many hangers??). I donated my breast pumps, pumping supplies, diaper bag. And I organized our important papers and medical records. I also put some clothes in storage that I don’t need on an everyday basis. A lot of work and felt REALLY good.
  3. Set up our TV.  I ordered an Amazon Firestick, and hired someone to come over and set it up for us.  Realizing this project was beyond my skillset was key. Once I did that, finding the right person to come over and help was easy.  Now we can watch tv without being hunched over the laptop!  Also – called customer support and got Amazon to link the Firestick to our Amazon US account instead of the India account which is HUGE.
  4. Set up our music.  We’ve barely listened to any music this year!  Honestly, this is what happens when you move across the world with 2 babies … little things like setting up a Spotify account and linking it to a speaker feel overwhelming, way out of proportion with how difficult it really is. I actually paid for Spotify and bought speakers back in July … but somehow didn’t get the whole project off the ground. Now I’m happy to report that I’m listening to Spotify on speakers and life is good.
  5. MISC: got fresh new bedding and towels, ordered business cards, set up business bank account, linked Aaadhaar numbers to bank account (!!!)  Those of us in India know what a big victory THAT is.
  6. NEXT STEPS:  I’m looking for someone to teach me how to properly back up my phone and my computer once and for all.  Must do that so I don’t always have this lingering anxiety that I’ll lose all my photos. And must switch over to my new phone.  Hoping to do this today itself. And buying 2 new phone chargers so we can stop fighting over chargers in 2018!  Also, checking our air filters.

So there you have it!  In my nutrition work, I help people to “lighten up” by changing their diet and improving digestion. We pay attention to how we feel in our bodies, how our clothes are fitting, and even the scale as a metric.  But in my personal life, I was majorly weighed down by clutter, procrastination on the projects I needed help with, fear of losing important data. This creates anxiety, feeling of helplessness, fear of screwing up, STRESS … and it’s all so easy to resolve once you get the momentum!

How about you?  Are any areas of your life creating low-level anxiety?  Dealing with clutter?  Do you also get stuck with setting up electronic stuff? Have you taken any steps to LIGHTEN UP in the new year?  I hope so! It feels so good!

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