Let’s pour a cup of green tea and chat about you. What’s going on with your nutrition, habits, energy, chocolate consumption?  Any struggles or challenges that are keeping you from feeling your best. The good, the bad and the ugly.

Schedule a 20-minute laser coaching session with Kerry.
I call this a “venting” session – tell me what’s not working & needs to change. Get it off your chest. I find this is so helpful for figuring out if you want to make a change, if it’s time to move forward.  I live for the magical moment when a woman decides to start taking better care of herself. Let’s get you closer to that moment.

This session will also act as a “getting to know you” session for us, to see if I can help and if we’d like to work together.  We’ll be on the phone, or if it’s convenient we’ll use Zoom or Skype so we can see each other. Whether or not we work together after this, I promise you’ll find it productive to talk about your current challenges. You’ll feel relief, understanding and the glimmer of hope that it’s possible to find solutions and feel better soon.

Some people also use this session to talk about any hesitations they have for the Transformation Cleanse.

The cost for this session is 1000 inr, payable by paytm. Please email me to schedule your session.  I look forward to speaking with you!


P.S. this “cup of green tea” sesh will be available till January 8th only.



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