Let me be honest.  Ever since, I don’t know … Rumi was born, or when we moved to India, or the election happened … one of those major disruptors of 2016, I stopped nurturing my passions. I didn’t completely stop taking care of myself.  I exercised, I ate pretty healthy, I got pedicures and foot massages, and I used babysitters. But … there wasn’t much joy in it. I got the foot massage to feel less crappy but not to actually feel GOOD.  I stopped reading novels, having hobbies, having any sort of interests outside of getting settled in India and reading the depressing news way too much. The world felt serious, and I got serious. I cared about 2 things: being a mom and my business. Nothing sparkled.

This week, I remembered what it feels like to have a passion. I love elephants. I’ve always loved elephants. We don’t have elephants in Mumbai, but I saw some when we were in Udaipur over Diwali.  Then I read in Vogue about this race through Rajasthan to raise money for elephants. I started reading about all the organizations protecting the Indian elephants. I remembered reading about this woman Dame Daphne who has an orphanage for elephants in Africa.  I started reading her book. I read about all of the elephant sanctuaries in India. I want to visit one. I’m brainstorming about how I can be involved with the elephants. I started following Elephant Family on Insta.

But do you want to know the most ridiculous thing?  I’ve added “elephants” to my daily to-do list. Because if they’re not there, I might forget to nurture my passions, you know?

How about you – what’s your passion, and are you making time for it these days?