Hello!  I’ve gotten some questions about one-on-one nutrition consults in India.  I am offering sessions on a limited basis.

For participants in the 14-Day Transformation Cleanse, you have the option to add on the following coaching sessions:

Pre-Cleanse “I’m So Nervous!” Prep Session, 30 minutes. After filling out your “This is Me Now” inventory, we will review your responses together. This is an opportunity to discuss the areas you expect to be most challenging on the cleanse. Those areas are juicy and where you can find the most growth.

Mid-Cleanse “This is Hard!” Check in Session, 30 minutes. Any time during the cleanse, we can schedule a session to talk about what’s going well, or what is challenging, in the spirit of helping you achieve your goals.

Post-Cleanse “I Feel Glorious!” Next Steps Session, 30 minutes. Upon completing this transformative experience, this is an opportunity to get support with reintroducing food groups and reinforce your key takeaways.

Cup of Green Tea Session (for those not doing the cleanse), 30 minutes. Fill out the “This is Me Now” inventory, and we will have a chat about challenges you are facing and brainstorm solutions.

These 30-minute sessions are 5000 inr and are done over the phone or at our bungalow on Juhu beach if you’re in Mumbai. Email kerry@kerrybajaj.com to schedule your session. I look forward to speaking with you!