NOTE: Enrollment is now CLOSED.  

Hello friends!  Have you ever tried and failed to limit the amount of sugar you eat?  If so, I’m excited to share with you the Ultimate Quit Sugar Challenge!  We start on Monday, October 9th.  

Your ebook gives you a very specific 5 Day meal plan with 19 vegetarian recipes, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks.

The goal is for you to feel satisfied, energized and nourished, and to easily stop eating sweets.

The cost to join the 5-day challenge is $10 USD, which includes your ebook, daily emails from Kerry and access to a private Facebook group for inspiration and support! We go beyond recipes to also talk about MINDSET needed for weight loss.


A little background — I’m a certified health coach and worked for 5 years with a top holistic doctor in New York City.  After moving from New York to Mumbai this year with my 2 young kids, I had to figure out healthy eating in India. These recipes are all made with ingredients I can find in Bombay.  My client Carla calls this “this best thing I’ve ever done — besides get married and have my crazy kids!”

I can’t wait to eat clean and quit sugar with you!

Coach Kerry

P.S. Remember – we start on Monday, October 9th.  Sign up here and be sure to invite your friends!  You’ll get your ebook and sugar addiction quiz right away.

NOTE: Enrollment is now CLOSED.