My friends … June is my favorite month because it’s my birthday month!  I will be turning 36!

To enter my late 30s (eek!) looking and feeling my best, I am starting a fresh new challenge group on June 5th!  We will go for 21 days.  JOIN US!

Here’s how it works:

* Short Workouts *  

You will have access to all of the Beachbody workouts, $6000 worth of fitness programs, that you can stream in your living room, for a full year. Every single fitness program that Beachbody has ever made, like 21 Day Fix, Plyo, Hammer & Chisel, Core de Force, T25, Insanity and more. Plus all of the new ones for 2017. Shaun Week is coming in June and Shift Shop is coming in July and is supposed to be awesome. 

I will personally guide you choose which program to start with depending on your goals.

* Clean Eating *  

We will provide multiple meal plans for you, and a system for tracking your macros and portions if you would like. And – this part is key – you will learn from the example of the other busy women in the group who are eating clean and sharing healthy recipes all the time! Mason jar salads, overnight oats, egg muffins, pad thai over spaghetti squash … you’ll learn all of our go-to favorite healthy meals!

* Meal Prep * 

You will be added to a private group focused on Sunday meal prep so you can be a meal prep queen if that is a goal of yours. Watching these real-life busy working women do meal prep is nothing short of magnificent!

* Superfoods * 

You will have a 30-day supply of Shakeology, which is NOT a protein shake. It is a shake with protein, digestive support (enzymes, fiber, prebiotics, probiotics), adaptogens (to support your body’s stress response), phytonutrients.  This is highly absorbable nutrition to support your body, fill in the gaps for nutrient deficiency, and thus curb cravings for sweets. We have 2 new vegan flavors this month – Vanilla and Cafe Latte.

* Tribe *

Our tribe is about 30 women in a private app and we are awesome. Loving, supportive, inspiring. I love our group! Checking in every day to see everyone’s sweaty selfies and healthy food and shakes is one of the best parts of my day. They keep me on track, and we all help each other get back up when we stumble.


* Mindset * 

“Be the most wonderful expression of you that you’re capable of.” – Marianne Williamson

Mindset is everything!!! After I had a baby, there were so many cultural messages that my body would never be the same, I’d never sleep, never have energy again. Um, no thank you! We are all about positive vibes and feeling our best! And while people are losing weight and getting chiseled, our first priority is always loving our bodies.  It’s a huge blessing to watch my friends getting healthier and happier and more confident with every day.

How to get started:  

You can reach out to me first with questions, or you can go ahead and order the ALL ACCESS pack here. Let me know as soon as you have ordered, and we’ll have a chat about your goals and which program to start with. I will add you to our private app and our private meal prep group right away!

The price for the All Access challenge pack is $160 and it includes: streaming of all Beachbody on Demand programs for a full year, a 30-day supply of Shakeology, portion containers, shaker cup, access to our private challenge group, access to our private meal prep group, coaching from me.

Please note: the price is really $160!  It is an amazing promotion this month. People keep asking me if that’s $160 a month, and I’m like – nope. They ask if it includes my coaching and I’m like – yup. They ask if I’m sure and I’m like – yes!!! Join us!

Important to note: YOU set your own pace. Some people dive all in from day 1 with workouts and meal prep and they get the results to show for it!  Some of us need to ease in more slowly. I started with workouts, and then a few weeks later, I tacked the portion containers, and a few weeks later I started to try out Sunday meal prep. Either way is totally fine! This is a lifestyle change, certainly not a diet. You can set the pace that works for you. I also have some challengers who were most interested in starting with Shakeology because they were busy and needed a healthy meal that was easy. Then over time, they started to incorporate workouts and more clean eating. It’s ALL good! We’ll talk about your goals and make a plan that is realistic and feels good for you.

As your coach, I would be so honored to be your partner in your health and fitness journey. I see this as an opportunity to step into a more confident, powerful, fit, energetic YOU. I am committed to your success and will be at your side every step of the way. I check in with my challengers DAILY. Do let me know if you’d like to be workout buddies!!! Remember – we start on June 5th. Email me and we’ll get you set up!

Lots of love,

P.S. Here is the link to order. Please email me with questions – I’m happy to hop on the phone too!

Oh and did I mention there will be weekly prizes in our group?  There are prizes!