When I first met Karan in NYC he joked that lots of people treated him like “Lonely Planet India” and would ask for all sorts of India travel advice.  Well, now that I’ve been living in India for 7 months, it’s happening to me too!  AND I LOVE IT.  There’s a phrase called “Indian by serendipity” for the lucky people like me who get to call this crazy, chaotic, wonderful country their home 🙂

So recently a friend of a friend asked me about wellness or Ayurveda retreats she should check out for an upcoming trip to India. I asked in my Mumbai moms group and here are the responses. Please note, I have not vetted this list!  It’s ON YOU to do your research!  But it’s still a great list and I now want to plan my own retreat 🙂

Here goes:

I personally told her to look into Vipassana meditation course (10 day silent meditation retreat held all over India), the Sivananda yoga teacher’s training course (30 day residential course) and to visit the Himalayas.  These were some of the highlights when Karan and I took our sabbatical.

That’s all I’ve got for now!  I’ll keep updating this list and I learn more! LMK if you have questions!