Hi everyone!

I woke up today in India to some BIG news. Back in January, Beachbody released a pretty awesome bundle called the ALL ACCESS challenge pack. It was a humungous value of stuff – see below – for $199. As a coach, I had a bunch of clients excited and signing up. Well guess what?!

The price of the ALL ACCESS pack just dropped like a rock! It is now $160 for the month of April!

Here’s what you get:

– Beachbody on Demand ALL ACCESS pass for 2017 (for a full year from when you order). Which means access to $6000 worth of fitness programs, including …
– EVERY SINGLE FITNESS PROGRAM that Beachbody has ever made, like 21 Day Fix, Plyo, Hammer & Chisel, Core de Force, T25, Insanity, P90X, etc.
– Access to every single program that bb WILL release in 2017, about 4-5 new programs!!!
– you can stream on your computer, iPad, phone, Roku, etc. No clunky DVDs!
– a 30-day supply of superfood nutrient-dense Shakeology
– a shaker cup
– a set of portion containers
– my group uses a private app to check in every day … it’s easy and helpful
– me as your coach for a YEAR 🙂

You get ALL these workouts!

I’ve been doing Beachbody coaching for 2 years and I can tell you this price is ABSURD. My coach is UPSET that they’re giving away so much for so little. This is like having a gym membership in your living room with professional trainers for a full year. You can do Piyo for April and May, then Core de Force for June and July, then go on vacation in August, pick right back up with 21 Day Fix in September, and the 3 Week Yoga Retreat in October … you get the idea!

Remember when we used to drive to Blockbuster to rent movies? Then we switched to Netflix and got DVDs in the mail? Then everything went to streaming and now it’s sooo convenient? This is like the Amazon Prime of fitness!!! No more driving to the gym, no more expensive classes, no more trying to make it to a class on time. You have everything right at your fingertips in your living room. I work out when my toddler is at school, or during nap time, or after the girls are in bed. With 2 kids under 3 years old, getting to the gym every day is just not gonna happen. But this I can do!

This was 12 months of doing Beachbody on Demand last year … through a healthy pregnancy and postpartum recovery and move to India!

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Still not sure? Ok let me break the prices down a little more.
This is like getting a month of Shakeology for $99, which is $3.30 a day for nutrient-dense, protein-packed delivery system for 70 superfoods. Since moving to India, I do consider it the healthiest meal I have each day.

And then getting the All Access streaming of every workout for $60 for the year … which is $5 a month!!! That is cray cray. Even if you have a gym membership or go to Soulcycle, I think this is worth it for the rainy days, or the days when your kid is sick, or when you’re traveling and want a quick workout to do in your hotel room.

I will close with one more thing – there is a 30-day money back guarantee as well. WHEW!

Most importantly, I want to say that as a coach, I would be so honored and touched to be your partner in your health and fitness journey. I see this as an opportunity to step into a more confident, powerful, fit, energetic YOU. I am committed to your success and will be at your side every step of the way. I check in with my challengers DAILY. Do let me know if you’d like to be workout buddies!!! I’d love to help you TODAY so you can kick off Operation a-MAY-zing on May 8. The special ends on April 30, as far as I know. Email me and we’ll get you set up!

Later rockstars!!
Coach Kerry

P.S. Here is the link to order. Please email me with questions – I’m happy to hop on the phone too!

Working out in India… sometimes it’s outside or sometimes it’s in the tiny nook between my bed and closet!