Hi moms,

One thing I’ve noticed on my sugar-quitting journey is that a little badassity goes a long way. There’s a whole mental game that goes along with quitting sugar (as well as the emotional, physiological, hormonal stuff).

The mental attitude that has helped me and my challengers the most:

1. Treat sugar like a punk that needs to be put in it’s place! Tell sugar there’s a new sheriff in town. I know your tricks, sugar. And I’m going to out-smart you this time.

Remember my name, sugar. 

2. Don’t be afraid to be different. The whole world is eating sugar, and we’re not. This can be uncomfortable if you’re used to fitting in and going with the flow. People might ask you questions, tease you, pester you to have some, call you a party pooper. You have to be unflappable, willing to march to your own drummer.

It’s pretty brave and awesome to drop-kick sugar. OWN IT!