2016 Healthy Holidays Gift Guide

Hello friends!  This year has been a doozy and I think now more than ever it’s so important that we take care of our mind, body and spirit. With that in mind, here are some healthy holiday gift ideas – for you or your loved ones!

Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

On the one hand, I feel corny recommending this book, but on the other hand it actually had a pretty big influence on me. So, recommend it I must! This book is a celebration of saying YES to what is scary but ultimately heart-opening. Because of this book, we decided to move our family out of the very safe but also kind of stifling residential apartment in Mumbai and said YES to setting up our own home in a bungalow by the sea. It’s riskier and more complex for sure, but we knew we’d regret it if we didn’t try.

Year of No Sugar by Eve Schaub

I’m getting this book for myself! Quitting sugar has been hugely transformative for me this year, and I’m eager to get more motivation on my journey by hearing Eve’s story.

New Workout!

What workout are you going to do in January? If you don’t have a plan yet, this is the time to make one! A few of my recent favorites:

22 Minute Hard Corpsa boot camp style program that’s fast-paced and helped me lose 15 pounds of baby weight this summer. Workouts are only 22 minutes long!!!

21 Day Fix: the ever-popular mix of cardio, weights, yoga and pilates. This workout comes with a really kick-ass nutrition plan.

Core de Force: a mixed martial arts program that I’ve been doing for the past 2 months that has given me these little indentations on my tummy that I think are called …abs. This mama of 2 young kiddies is very happy, plus all of the punching and kicking is good for stress relief.

Beachbody on Demand: if you want to try a bunch of options, get BOD and stream hundreds of workouts! Test out a bunch and then commit to one and join my challenge group for January 9th when we start Health Bet!

Ultimate Reset

I would 100% absolutely be doing the Ultimate Reset in January if I wasn’t breastfeeding. This is a 21 Day deep detox experience. It’s strict and emotionally challenging. The results I’ve heard from it have been very powerful. In addition to releasing a lot of weight, people truly change their relationship to food and how they nurture their bodies. I know many people who are coming back to the Ultimate Reset this January, that have done it over the past few years. The recipes are supposed to be amazing. I have 2 friends who are doing this with their husbands this January – so cool. If you choose to do this, I can set you up with an experienced coach who is leading a group of people through it in January.


I have a Fitbit and haven’t been wearing mine recently, but I want to bust mine out again, and I think it’s a great gift!  I definitely get more steps in when I’m wearing mine!

Other ideas: ask for new sneakers, workout clothes (I like Athleta, Gap Fit and Old Navy), a blender if you need one, and weights! I got my toddler a small trampoline so she can burn off some energy with that!

Happy holidays and here’s to a healthy 2017!