Since having my first daughter in 2014, I have completed many Beachbody programs: T25, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, and now I’m doing 22 Minute Hard Corps. As a health coach and Beachbody coach, I use these programs with my clients as well. The programs cost roughly $140-160, and sometimes people tell me they’re too expensive. Here is my perspective.

What other fitness things cost 
– Yoga class: $22 for a drop in, or $108 for a month pass (at Sonic Yoga in NYC)
– Soulcycle class: $34
– Gym membership: $80-100/ month
– Equinox membership: $200/ month (approx)
– Personal trainer session: $80-150/ session
– Babysitter to go do these things (if you have kids): $15-20/ hour

There are cheaper fitness options too 

– Free stuff on Youtube
– Going running
– A one-off Jillian Michaels DVD
Why I personally think it’s a great value 
Let’s take 22 Minute Hard Corps for an example. The challenge pack is on sale this month for $140. Here is what you get:
– The workouts: This is an 8-week program which includes 8 workouts on DVD. You can do them FOREVER.
– 30-Day Supply of Shakeology: Shakeology is a nutrient-dense shake with protein, superfoods, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals, prebiotics, probiotics, fiber. You can replace one meal a day with Shakeology and you get a 30-day supply. So BAM that’s breakfast for a month. Say you were spending $3/ day on breakfast, well that’s $90 saved right there. Plus you’re getting tons of nutrients and will likely be craving less and snacking less during the day – more money saved. BOOM.
– 30-Day Trial of Beachbody on Demand: Beachbody on Demand allows you to stream THOUSANDS of workouts from your computer. Try out some workouts, have your partner try some out. For free.
– Discounted shipping: yay.
– Portion control container set: you get the handy containers that are used with the 21 Day Fix eating plan, as well as a nutrition plan.
– Sandbag: the program comes with a sandbag! How funny. I’m just using a heavy weight instead. With 2 young kids I do my best to keep sand OUT of the house 🙂
– Coaching from me: as a health coach at Dr. Lipman’s office, I charged $150 for a 50-minute session. Now you have me all through the month and beyond for support and guidance.
– A community: I run a tight-knit private facebook group for others doing Beachbody programs. The energy, motivation and friendship is awesome.
So for less than $5 a day ($4.66 over 30 days to be exact) you get ALL THIS STUFF. Honestly, that is freaking amazing!!! I bought 21 Day Fix Extreme a year ago and my husband still does those workouts ALL THE TIME. We have totally gotten our money’s worth.
Truth: When you follow a set program, you get better results 
I worked for 5 years alongside Dr. Frank Lipman at his wellness center in NYC. One thing I learned FOR ABSOLUTE SURE is that people got much better results when they followed a defined program. If I gave a patient a list of foods, they did not do well. However, if we gave them a 2-week detox program with a food list, shakes and supplements and a defined start and end date, they did AWESOME. I saw it over and over again. Willy nilly does not work. It is just how we’re wired as people.
Truth: When you invest in yourself, you get better results 
I am a thrifty little bugger and I truly understand why it’s hard to invest in a program like this. I really do. Some fears come up – you worry that it won’t “work” for you, or that it will gather dust. Those are normal fears, but if you want different results, you have to be willing to do things differently.
When you shell out some hard-earned cash for a program, you are signaling to yourself and the universe that you mean business. If something is free or cheap, the stakes are too low. I actually think $140 is a good price point for telling yourself – ok let’s get serious. You are also saying my goals matter. Feeling better matters. 
What is it worth to you?  
This is really personal. You have to be in touch with your own “pain points” and your willingness to make changes. I started Beachbody programs after I had my first daughter in 2014. I was having a massive crisis of body confidence. I was mushy, and in the past I would have gone for a few 6-mile runs to get my body back, but after a c-section that was not an option. I had no energy, no core strength, no confidence, no time and I was totally floundering. I had to go back to work as a health coach where I saw all these celebrity, actor and model patients and none of my clothes fit. I felt like a hairdresser with bad hair! A mom friend told me about T25 and I liked that it was a) 25 minutes long and b) had a modifier. Because I was struggling so much, I took the leap.
You really need to ask yourself – am I ready to change? If the answer is yes, go for it! If you are getting tripped up about the cost, I would ask you to consider that you are using the money as an excuse to stay stuck in a painful rut. Don’t do that!
Do let me know if you’d like to talk about starting a program – I’m here to support you with taking this leap 🙂