Happy holidays! In case you’re looking for gifts for the health nuts in your life – or those who want to become healthier, here are some ideas! There’s nothing better than giving a meaningful gift, and here are a few that I think can truly elevate someone’s life. Plus, these are all things that I would LOVE, hint hint.

Stocking Stuffers
Weleda Body Lotion Kit, $10

I LOVE Weleda lotion – just picked up some Skin Food today! If you’re cruising through the Whole Body section at Whole Foods during the holidays, they have these as little gift sets with a pretty bow.

Hay House Affirmation Calendar 2016, $13
I’ve given this little calendar as a gift so many times through the years! When I used to work at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, all employees had them on our desks and each day the message was so uplifting. My all time favorite was “Today is full of miracles.”  

For Kids
Stomp Rocket, $10
I got this for my 6-year-old niece and nephew this year and it was a HUGE hit! I totally felt like the cool aunt. I will get this for all the kids in my life! They had so much fun with it, and it’s a great way to burn off energy.

Wooden Rocking Boat, $190
I would love to get this for Leela, but it’s just not practical for us in an NYC apartment, with plans to possibly move to Costa Rica next year. These are supposed to be great for baby/ toddler motor development, and I know she would get such a kick out of it. I learned about it in this article, 6 Gifts that Encourage Child-Directed Play. So please get it for your kid and invite us over to play!

For the Chocolate Lover
Wei of Chocolate, $12-$32
These are the BEST chocolates, and the BEST gift. These dark chocolates are healthy – organic, vegan, gmo-free, soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, and infused with spices and flower essences. They come individually wrapped and you can truly eat just one, because the quality is so high.

The Healthy Chocoholic, $10 for kindle, $28 for paperback
Although I haven’t personally used this cookbook yet(!) – with 60 healthy chocolate recipes that are free of refined sugar, gluten and dairy – how could we go wrong!?

Shakeology, $130 for 30-day supply
I drink vegan chocolate shakeology for breakfast every day (blended with banana, peanut butter, water, ice) and it’s like drinking a nutritious milkshake. So – if you want to give the gift of healthy milkshakes that will also give your loved ones energy and snap their cravings like a twig – I’ve got you covered! A year ago when I started drinking this it nearly killed me to shell out the money and I would have LOVED being gifted a bag.

For the Whimsical Tree Hugger
Little Box of Rocks, $35


Yes this is ridiculous and you should give a donation to charity instead. But they are so cute I couldn’t help but include them!

For Fitness Fans, or Those Who WANT to Get Fit – which is pretty much everyone! 

21 Day Fix
, $160, <<Beginner to Intermediate Level>>
Ok, I might be a little biased as a beachbody coach, but over the past year these crazy workouts have absolutely changed my life! I’ve done a bunch of beachbody workouts – T25, Insanity Max 30, 21 Day Fix, and 21 Day Fix Extreme. By far the most popular among all of my nutrition clients is the 21 Day Fix. It’s a crazy comprehensive program with 30-minute workouts + clean eating plan + portion containers. It works well for all levels from beginner up, as there is a modifier doing all exercises, and you can start with light weights and work your way up to heavier weights. I’ve coached 50+ women through the program, together we’ve lost hundreds of pounds, and I would be more than happy to coach your friends or loved ones through it. For the independent types, it’s fine to do it on your own too!  

Hammer & Chisel, $160, <<Advanced Level>>
Hammer & Chisel is a brand-new workout from beachbody and it is not for beginners! My husband will be starting this program – along with THOUSANDS of others – on January 4th. This is for you if you’re going after a seriously sculpted body and willing to put in the work for it. I’m going to have to sit this one out until after having the baby, but I’m happy to get you set up with a group to coach you through it.

Weights, price varies
We’ve been needing to get heavier weights for a while now! With my husband starting Hammer & Chisel next month, it is time! This is the set I’ve been looking at. It’s a big investment, but since we do our workouts at home, we don’t have gym memberships or classes to pay for.

Other ideas! 
I’m also a big fan of charity donations, experiential gifts, and of course you can never go wrong with spa treatments and massages!