Happy Friday! Here are 3 tips to support your digestion and get the spring in your step after a big Thanksgiving feast.

1. Activated Charcoal

I first fell in love with charcoal when I used it in the LUSH facial cleanser, which does wonders for my skin! That’s when I learned that charcoal means boss! Then I learned about activated charcoal as a digestive aid, to sweep the gastro-intestinal tract clean. I’ve seen many nutrition clients benefit from using charcoal if they are gassy, bloated, or get stomachaches after eating processed food or restaurant food.

Do be sure to take the charcoal away from any medications or supplements, and drink lots of water!

2. Soups, Green Juice and Super Hydration 
Instead of diving into leftovers, today is a great day for lighter eating and super hydration. I recommend soups, broths, green juice, and lots of water. You can also drink some Magnesium CALM (supports elimination), and I’ll be starting my day with shakeology. Starting the day with hot water & lemon is great for stimulating digestion and liver detoxification too.
3. Move! 
Any movement, including a long walk will support your digestion. You can also try some yogic twists and “wind-relieving pose.”

If you’re feeling sluggish, reach out to me and I’m happy to help. We could set you up with a gentle 3-day detox, or a fitness and clean eating plan for December. Enjoy the holiday weekend!