Happy Thanksgiving week!

I’ve collected my favorite tips for enjoying your holiday meal without feeling bloated, puffy and uncomfortable. This is exactly what I’ll be doing on Thursday!

1. Eat a good breakfast.
No matter what you do, start the day off right. Get some protein and it will help to balance your blood sugar, curb cravings and set you up for a better day. I will be drinking my Shakeology for breakfast, which always sets the tone for better food choices throughout the rest of the day. Shakeology in packets is great to have on hand if you’re traveling.

2. Exercise!
Whatever you do, don’t skip exercise. You can gather everyone up for a walk after dinner, run a turkey trot, do a 30-minute workout with a professional trainer at home like me. And pack your sneakers or whatever you need to make it happen. Move!

3. Bring a healthy dish.
I’m bringing this healthy pumpkin pie, my favorite holiday dessert!

4. Support your digestion.
There are 2 supplements I recommend before a big, heavy meal to support your digestion. First, is a spritz of digestive bitters on your tongue to stimulate your digestion. I LOVE my bitters, and my clients to too. Second, is digestive enzymes which will help you break down your food. To be honest, I don’t notice a huge difference from taking enzymes, but many of my clients do.

5. Enjoy your Thanksgiving meal, and get right back on track for Friday.
Don’t make this a four-day eating extravaganza! And instead of shopping on Friday, I love the REI #optoutside campaign – it’s a great day to get away from the leftovers, go for a hike, and enjoy time in nature. We’re planning an “urban” hike in Central Park with Leela 🙂

6. Create and commit to your plan for December!
You have a choice. You can let Thanksgiving spiral into a month of over-indulging and feeling puffy and uncomfortable. Or you can create a plan for fitness + clean eating this December. Start on December 1 and show off your holiday sparkle in your family photos this year! If you’re looking for support, I’m offering 2 groups this December:

Turkey Makeover 3-Day Cleanse

December Holiday Sparkle Fitness Challenge  

Let me know if you’d like to talk about creating a fitness and clean eating plan to see you through the busy holiday season. Even with a full-time job, toddler, dog, husband and at 24-weeks pregnant, I have figured out how to squeeze in an efficent 30-minute workout every day. Trust me – it wasn’t always this way. It was only in the past year when life got really busy that I figured this out. My days of spending pointless hours on the elliptical at the gym are over! With the right plan, you can do it too. **Perfection not required.**

Lots of love, gratitude and pumpkin pie,