One of the best things that has happened since having Leela is that I have found the PERFECT face cream for MY skin!  We got it for Leela as a newborn and especially used it during the brief ‘baby acne’ days. I liked the way it smelled and one day I dabbed it on my face and my skin was like “YES!” I’m madly in love with how it moisturizes, without being greasy, without being too heavy or too light. It absorbs so well. Leela doesn’t even use it anymore – but I buy a new tube every other month!

It’s the Weleda Calendula Face Cream:
– Organic calendula helps soothe and calm irritation
– Essential fatty acids from organic almond oil and beeswax are easily absorbed
– 96% organic, no synthetic fragrance, chemicals, petroleums

Adults, I don’t know why all the babies are hogging this face cream but we are missing out – it is a dream!