This winter!!!

We moved. I started the often less-than-elegant dance of “balancing” work & baby. There were 100 blizzards, one which landed Coco in the animal hospital for 2 days from ingesting salt. Karan started a new job and finished his book (i.e. spent every free minute including Christmas day finishing his book).

2 bouts of stomach bug swept through our household.

There was the day I left for work and forgot to walk the dog.

There is my work – where I’m giving nutrition counsel to a lot of gorgeous actors while trying not to feel insecure about my post-baby body.

I went to two funerals out of town.

I lost 2 subway passes, something I’d never done in 9 years of living in New York.

I pumped a lot of breastmilk, which I explained to Karan in highly unscientific terms is like the energy equivalent of running 5 miles every day.

Through all the joys, sorrows, major life events and firstworld problems, it would have been REALLY easy to skip exercise. But I knew that would only make me feel more stressed and out of control. So I buckled up, reminded myself that I have as many hours in the day as Beyonce, and found 30 minutes to take care of myself and get stronger – every damn day. My Beachbody workouts were an anchor, and a source of joy & badassity. I call them my daily shot of endorphins.

We have a 21-day group starting up on Monday, April 27 with room for 3 more participants – last call to join us and get fit while we welcome spring 🙂