Happy New Year, everyone!

Our baby is ready for bed every night at 6:30pm, so we were huge rebels and took her to Jivamukti Yoga on New Years Eve for kirtan and mauna.  She loved the chanting, and was not so into the silent reflection, but even so we were happy to start the year off on a reflective note with her. She slept till 11:30 on New Years Day, like a hungover teenager.

Here are my favorite findings of the week:

Insanity Max 30

I’ve been doing Shaun T’s “T25” workout for the past 10 weeks, and have lost 6 pounds of pregnancy weight. I still have 6 pounds to go, and I’m starting Insanity Max 30 on January 5th with a group of friends. I’m so excited! To lose the rest of the weight, keep getting strong, be a good example for the baby, and get visible abs for the first time in my life. It’s a great workout for new moms, because it’s quick, effective and you can do it at home.

How to Slice Grapes
This is so mind blowing! And I think there’s a metaphor here, about life-hacking in general…
The Institute for Integrative Nutrition
Our baby is six months old – today! Which means the start of solid foods. I’m excited to experiment with avocado, banana, and sweet potato. We let her suck on a slice of orange a few days ago, and it was the cutest thing ever. I’m also really grateful that I have an education in nutrition, as we enter this phase. I get questions all the time about Integrative Nutrition, and I’m truly happy to speak with anyone about the school. As a graduate and ambassador, I also have enrollment savings to share, so feel free to reach out if you are interested in the school. My husband must tell me once a week that he’s so happy I’m a “nut” which is his code for nutritionist 🙂

Our Year of No Sugar: One Family’s Grand Adventure
This is also fitting as we start feeding the baby solid foods… it inspires me to have integrity around what the whole family is eating. I can promise you, after eating one too many pieces of carrot cake over Christmas, and feeling the downward spiral of cravings & low energy, I’m totally over sugar.

Heart Balm
A friend mentioned this on Facebook months ago, and I woke up one day this week needing to track it down and order some right away. I suppose in this cold month, I needed some special attention for my heart.

Save Your Relationships: Ask the Right Questions
So much wisdom here. 

Lots of love,