Here are some wonderful treasures I’ve found on the internet this week — enjoy!

Natural Remedies for Colds, Coughs and Feeling Crummy
One of the best things about being a graduate of Integrative Nutrition, is that I have a community of healthy friends who are a wealth of knowledge. I love this post from fellow health coach Nina Manolson. We luckily haven’t gotten sick this year — knock on wood — but I will surely refer back to this. One remedy I would add to this list is the neti pot for clearing congestion.

6 Tools to Conquer Your Gmail Inbox
I have a decently under control inbox, but upon reading this post, I signed up for Unroll.Me and it’s amazing! In two minutes flat, it found the 177 newsletter subscriptions in my inbox, helped me to quickly unsubscribe from lots of them, and organizes the rest of my subscriptions into one daily email.  It is seriously saving me time. Love it.

Blades Natural Beauty
What a beautiful site!  I really like the look of the Anandamide — yum.

Curbing the “I Want Thats” During the Holidays
Tis the season!  Our baby is just 5 months old, so she’s too young to want gifts. The big present I got her is her domain, Otherwise, she’s perfectly happy playing with the funnel piece from my breast pump.  But I truly love these tips, for myself, and to implement in the future.  I especially love the suggestion to say “I like that” rather than “I want that.”  What a nice shift.

Candida Crusher
A patient at Dr. Lipman’s office taught me about this site this week. If you’re dealing with candida, the site is quite comprehensive and if you really want to learn about yeast — there’s a 700+ page book too.

Bone Broth
2 new places to get bone broth in NYC: and I’ve gotten more flexible about my mostly vegetarian diet as I’ve witnessed and learned about the healing effects of bone broth for the gut this year.

My Husband’s Tumor
My friend Nora’s heart opening and heart breaking chronicle of her family’s brave and graceful encounter with cancer. You may have heard their story at, on NPR, or from Zooey Deschanel’s facebook page(!)
If you are cutting down on the “I want thats” this holiday season and want to divert some of your gift giving to a wonderful family, there’s a fundraiser happening here. 

Have a wonderful wintery weekend!
Love, love and more love.