Check this out – a great article from Wired magazine on health coaching!

Is a Health Coach Better Than an Overworked Doctor?

A doctor quoted in the article says that she notices it takes 15 minutes for patients to open up and really confide in her with crucial information.  This is so true!  I notice this in our work with patients all the time. After 15 minutes they’ll come out with:

“Oh I forgot to mention, I had my gall bladder removed”
“Oh and I’m not sure if it’s relevent, but I drink 2 of Diet Sprite a day.”
“I’m also on Lexapro for anxiety” or “Prilosec for heartburn.” etc etc.

It’s super exciting to see that health coaching is entering the mainstream – we can make a HUGE difference by taking more time to ask questions and listen to patients!

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Peace and brussels sprouts!