I once spoke with a personal chef who has a lot of actors as clients.  She told me that they get so worked up about what to eat on flights – even if they’re going on a short trip!

I think it’s totally natural. The minute you leave the house and get on a plane, you’re entering a new sphere where all is unpredictable, unplanned, and sometimes … unhealthy.

But the truth is it’s pretty easy to eat healthy on a flight. Here are my tips:

1. Bring your food! Packing some food is a much better bet than hoping you’ll find something healthy at the airport itself. I stopped by Whole Foods before my flight to Portland and picked up veggie sushi, apples, nuts and dark chocolate. Since they don’t offer meals on domestic flights anymore, you might as well bring a picnic lunch.

2. Eat light. Let’s face it – airplane travel is sedentary. Since you’re sitting still for hours on the plane, you don’t need a heavy, hard-to-digest meal. Raw fruits and veggies are great. I like apples, bananas, avocado, carrots.


3. Bring an ice pack. It will keep your food chilly!

4. Pack a treat. I automatically associate travel with vacation and indulgence. Instead of picking up a Frostie from Wendy’s at the airport, chocolate covered pretzels or a huge bag of M&Ms, pack your own travel treat. My favorite is the Emmy’s Organics Lemon Ginger Macaroons.

5. Enjoy! There’s healthy food everywhere if you look for it. Don’t be rigid. Have fun and relax!