Photo: NYTimes

Hi everyone,

In groundbreaking news from the world of holistic medicine, I’m so excited to say that yesterday I saw my first patient who is going to get a fecal transplant!

She has C. Difficile infection (triggered by taking a course of antibiotics – this is why it’s good to avoid antibiotics as much as possible) which is incredibly hard to get rid of, and will soon be getting a fecal transplant.

We directed her to this website to find a doctor in New York to do the transplant:

These New York Times articles give more information:
Fecal Treatmeant Gains Favor for Some Illnesses

Tending the Body’s Microbial Garden

Some things to note:
– You really want to watch out for antibiotics in your meat. ¬†This is why it’s so important to eat only organic meat. ¬†Increased exposure to antibiotics is making us vulnerable to infections like C. Difficile.

– You also want to take good care of your gut flora by taking probiotics and eating probiotic-rich foods (like sauerkraut and kimchi).

– Dr Lipman (@DrFrankLipman) tweeted last night: “My prediction….coming soon to an obesity center near you….fecal transplants….treating obesity by altering the gut flora”
Read about it: Gut Bacteria from Thin Humans Can Slim Mice Down

That’s all for now – hope you find this as fascinating and exciting as I do!