I’m leaving the country for 6 months and renting our apartment to a subletter so guess what that means – time for an epic “spring” cleaning!

Here are the questions I asked about each and every item in my closet and dresser:

Epic Spring Cleaning Questions (can be used year round)

1. Have I worn this is the last year? If not, toss it.

2. Be honest Kerry, have I worn it in the past 2 years?? Toss it!

3. Do I feel amazing wearing this? If not, toss it.

4. How many black sweaters (or pairs of torn stockings, or hiking socks) do I really need? I’m not sure, but probably less than 6.

5. When I come back in spring 2013, will I want to wear it/ will it be in style?

6. Does it have holes in it or sweat stains and does it even fit? Toss accordingly!

In the past, I have really only asked Question #1, but Sunday’s cathartic cleaning session took things to a whole new level. It felt amazing, a huge weight lifted off. The truth is, I will now need to do some shopping when I return to the US in 2013, but that is ok. I’m not a big shopper and if I ever need to save money, clothes shopping is the very first thing to go. But through the years, our bodies change, styles change, clothes get worn out, and I entered my 30s which seems to have a slightly different dress code than my 20s.

After picture of my closet. Look how spacious. Look how everything is lined up like little soldiers.

The toss/ donate pile loomed large in the corner of my room. Farewell sweet clothes. Please share if these questions help you to have an exhilarating cleaning experience!