Two Saturday’s ago, a strange thing happened – I slept until 10am.  I haven’t slept that late since I got a dog 2.5 years ago!  Coconut never lets me sleep in on a Saturday – she knows it’s her day for the park and starts whimpering, growling and licking my nose around 8am.

I should have suspected that something was amiss, but instead I lingered and thanked her for the extra rest.

Then disaster struck: she had diahhrea all over the apartment and we tried to rush her outside and she also pooped all over the elevator.

I rushed her to the vet where she got a puppy IV, medicine and a course of antibiotics to take for the next 7 days.

The poor pup was sick all week. She had no appetite. We were worried she also had an ear infection, and she had a little cut on her back that she kept picking at. I was so worried about her not eating and tried everything – baby food, kibble, turkey, chicken soup. The only thing she would eat was some bacon which is not good for dogs.

Coconut comes to work with me and it was especially sad to see her so listless at work.

Here’s how she normally behaves:

Healthy Coco 🙂

– Eager to leave the house in the morning
– Circles around the elevator at work in anticipation
– Races down the hallway to settle in
– Goes up to reception all day and asks/ begs for treats and eats them/ hoards them under my desk
– Eagerly greets patients who she knows and likes
– Scratches Vicki’s legs when she gets hungry for lunch, follows her to the kitchen and waits while her food is being prepared, gobbles up her food right away.
– Grabs a tennis ball around 4pm and tosses it on the floor to ask us to play
– Barks or growls at people she doesn’t like (usually people wearing hats or with rolling suitcases). That might not sound good, but we like her friskiness.
– Her default position is resting under my desk, but she pops out quite often to greet people and wag her tail.

Here’s how she behaved last week when she was sick:

Sick Coco 🙁

– Did not want to leave the house in the morning. I felt so bad but the vet is close to work so I figured it was better to bring her just in case.
– Laid under the desk all day. Wouldn’t perk up for anyone, not even her favorite people. We could barely get a tail wag out of her.
– Wouldn’t eat, didn’t ask for treats.

This week, Coco has her mojo back and we are so relieved to see her bouncy and happy again! She has all these little behaviors we take for granted, but it’s really striking when they go missing.

But it got me to thinking – how many of us are in the eager, bouncy, playful camp with a big appetite for life? You may not be curled up under the desk sleeping all day (I hope not!) but what is your “normal”? Are you dragging around or are you bouncing? On a scale of 1-10, (1 is Sick Coco and 10 is Healthy Coco), where are you?

Let’s get our groove back!