Hello friends,

Last week’s health challenge was to drink 20 ounces of water first thing every morning and I did it and feel great! I was even able to skip coffee at the end of the week. I shall continue this practice going forward.

This week I am undertaking a BIG whopper of a health challenge. I recently got turned onto the work of Dr. Steven Gundry. He is a heart surgeon and he has figured out a diet to help his patients reverse heart disease, obesity, diabetes and more and keep them from going under the knife.

His diet has 3 phases, and the first phase is called the “Teardown” and the objective is to break your reliance on high-carb, sugar-laden foods.

I’ve been wanting to do a sugar detox and I like Dr. Gundry’s approach. The idea is to cut out everything that quickly converts to sugar when you eat it: all grains, all sugars, all fruits, all sweeteners and artifical sweeteners. This includes my much-loved Lara bars (18 grams of sugar!), bananas (sniff sniff.. no more yummy smoothies!), the hazelnut creamer I’ve been putting in coffee, and many other sweet stuffs that sneak their way into my relatively clean diet.

What DO you eat? Lean protein (eggs, fish and tempeh for me), lots of leafy green veggies, and some dairy is ok (like feta cheese and unsweetened yogurt). To see a list of exactly what’s allowed, check out the Diet Evolution book, or join the Facebook group to see the shopping list here.

I did a soft-launch of the diet this weekend, with a few slip ups, and I’m ready to take it on fully for this week’s health challenge.

Breakfast ideas:
– Chia seed pudding with almond slivers and shredded coconut
Sustain protein shake
– Omelet with spinach and onions

Lunch and dinner ideas:
– Big salads with protein (eggs, fish, tempeh, chicken)

Who’s with me? I’m excited to get the sugar out of my system! Let me know if you have any q’s.

Eat green, become lean!