“Everything is infectious in this world, good or bad. If your body be in a certain state of tension, it will have a tendancy to become strong and healthy, but, if you are sick and weak, those around you will have the tendency to become the same. This vibration will be, as it were, conveyed to another body… Consciously or unconsciously health can be transmitted. The very strong man, living with the weak man, will make him a little stronger, whether he knows it or not.” – Swami Vivekananda, Raja Yoga

I see this all the time, I think of it as a “healthy domino effect.” When patients clear up their health problems, they have an influence on their husband, children, co-workers. They uplift everyone around them.

When I met my boyfriend, he would 1/2 walk and 1/2 run the 6-mile loop around Central Park. When we started running together, he realized he didn’t need to walk and would finish the loop in 65 minutes. Now his time is down to 51 minutes on a good day, and he beats me every time! Healthy domino effect.

Last summer my friend Erin hiked the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia. I met her for a weekend and in 2 days we hiked 40 miles! I had no idea I could do that and hobbled for a week after, but it was awesome. Healthy domino effect.

My friend Mark from college is biking from Denver to DC right now and I’m following his progress on Twitter (@eastofdakota). For the first time ever I’m thinking about a long distance bike ride, the wheels are turning. Healthy domino effect.

And here’s a heartwarming video about young people in West Oakland getting off the Cheeto/ Frito/ Dorito diet and bringing fresh veggies to their community. Healthy domino effect!

Video from KarmaTube

How are you creating a healthy domino effect today?