I’m at the beach this weekend!  Just wanted to highlight my 3 top tips for staying healthy on vacation.

1. Protein shakes for breakfast

I love breakfast and notice a huge difference if I have a good breakfast, it can really change my whole day. When I get protein in the morning (I shoot for 20 grams) I have way fewer cravings all day. So when I’m traveling, I’ll often bring protein shakes. I can mix them with just water, of if I’m lucky and have a blender on hand, I can toss in a banana and some ice for a little smoothie. Today I was lucky and had a blender, plus some frozen blueberries!

A protein shake is quick, convenient, and you can always have a shake in addition to whatever your host is offering for an extra boost. In this picture is Sustain powder, banana, blueberry, water and ice.

2. Bring a healthy dish

This weekend I brought some gluten-free Blueberry Muffins (recipe from www.elanaspantry.com). They’re made with coconut flour and they were a big hit, especially with my little niece who gobbled up 2!

3. Pack your sneakers! 
I always have this debate when I travel – sneakers or no sneakers? They seem so big and bulky. But now I’ve made it a rule to bring my sneakers – no excuses! I love running and have not yet embraced the “barefoot” running trend, so sneakers are pretty essential.

4. Catch up on self-care

When you’re traveling, it disrupts the routine. Instead of getting stressed about this, catch up on other forms of self-care that you may be neglecting at home. Get some extra sleep, connect deeply with friends and family, get some sun, spend time in nature. Take a break from technology!

Speaking of which, I’m signing off! What’s your favorite way to stay healthy on vacation?