My boyfriend and I applied for The Amazing Race!  We love the show, but we had to wait for him to become a US citizen in order to be eligible. Well, we filmed the video last Saturday, submitted it today and now we cross our fingers and wait for good news!

There are 3 big learnings I want to highlight about the experience:

1. Get Over Yourself. It turns out I’m pretty darn insecure about being on camera!  I was worried about my outfit, is my skin perfect enough, am I funny enough, do I sound natural enough or too scripted. Enough, enough, enough! Holy smokes, all the worrying and insecurity is exhausting!  Making the video helped me realize how much insecurity is holding me back in other areas of my life (career, friendships, blogging, etc). It was a good wake up call. Because creating the video really pushed me way outside my comfort zone, yet it was SO exhilarating to take a step towards making a dream come true. It takes practice but I believe I can set aside insecurity and keep taking action. I am enough!

2. Sail your ships!  “Sail your ships” is my little catch phrase for putting yourself “out there.” The idea is that when you send your ships out to sea, they may return to you filled with gold, treasure and spices. If you leave your ship in the harbor – no gold. It’s so easy to say, “well they get 20,000 applications each season, why would they ever choose us?” But, we have a much better shot than if we didn’t apply. Life rewards action! I learned that one from Dr. Phil 🙂

3. Work with a Partner. If this was a personal project, I would have stalled forever! I would not have been so decisive about choosing a videographer to work with. I would have agonized more over preparing a script. So if you’re working on a project and you’re feeling stuck, it might be a good idea to find a partner and work together. Or at least to find a coach who can hold you accountable and help you set some deadlines.

No matter what your dream is, BIG or small, taking action feels marvelous! Sure, it also feels gut-wrenching, nerve-wracking, and exhausting. But most of all, marvelous.

And even though I feel totally shy about sharing it, here’s our application video! WISH US LUCK!

Click the image to play the video