I want to share a little practice that I learned from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way. It’s oh so simple but powerful.

Today – throw out one piece of low-self-worth clothing. 

“Low-self-worth” clothing is the old sweater with lots of pills, the skirt that bunches up and you have to keep tugging at it, the pants that cut off your breathing. There are clothes that make you feel pretty as a princess. And then there are “low-self-worth” items lurking in your closet that make you feel mediocre, frumpy or worse.

For me, the “low-self-worth” piece of clothing is an old sports bra that is totally stretched out and useless. Every time I wear it, it kinda ruins my run, it is the absolute worst! But it keeps ending up in the laundry pile and cycling back into my life. Throwing out this ratty old bra felt amazing! It’s a way of declaring “Kerry, you never again have to have a crappy run because of that sports bra – you deserve better! Let’s clear out the clutter and make room for goodness!”

I highly recommend this practice as a declaration of love for yourself. It’s an instant spirit lifter. Try it today.

And if you’re interested in a more extensive spring cleaning, here is a free Spring Cleanse Guide from Integrative Nutrition for you to check out.  Enjoy!

Love and clean closets,