I wanted to share my evening routine with you all, because I know many of us are on the computer or watching TV until all hours of night and then getting terrible sleep. Sleep is so important for your health, energy, weight control, healing and joy.

Dr. Lipman teaches the “electronic sundown” which means that by 10pm you turn off your electronic devices. Yes, this includes the computer and TV, because they are too stimulating to the brain and will keep you up.

Here’s my version of the electronic sundown:

1. Walk the dog
2. Brush my teeth and wash up
3. Meditate for 20 minutes
4. Maybe read a bit
5. Sleep

If I’m feeling stimulated from my day, it’s nice to have a cup of decaf tea as well. Or sometimes I’ll have a teaspoon of CALM magnesium powder in hot water, that’s another nice way to wind down.

Please share – what’s your evening routine like these days?

Sweet dreams,

P.S. Here are some more sleep tips from Dr. Lipman.