This weekend I created a mini-cleanse for myself because my skin has been breaking out. I made lots of green smoothies, salads, steamed veggies – simple foods to bring me back into balance.

The only problem is that I went a little overboard with my grocery shopping. My fridge is filled with piles of chard, kale, lettuce, cilantro, parsley, cucumber, celery, avocado, limes and lemons. It’s a little daunting!

The other problem – I got the cilantro and parsley because they are powerful liver detoxifiers and that is just what I need to help clear my skin. But they taste horrible in a smoothie, just awful.

So I dusted off my juicer, which I haven’t used in a long time and made a yummy Green Lemonade. This recipe is endlessly flexible, you can use any green veggies you have on hand. The key is the apple to sweeten and the lemons to give it that lighter, lemonad-ey taste. It allows you to get the benefits of cilantro and parsley without the bitter taste.

Green Lemonade Cleanser

1 cucumber
1 bunch celery
1 head romaine lettuce
1 big bunch parsley
1 big bunch cilantro
A few swiss chard leaves
1 small apple
2 lemons
1/2 lime

Serve with ice and this is the most refreshing drink ever. A knob of fresh ginger would have been delicious too but I completely forgot to add it. And these veggies should all be organic, you do not want pesticides getting in your healing juice! If you can’t find organic cucumbers make sure to peel them!